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Digital Events Platform

ThinqiEvents – the digital events platform

Do you measure how truly effective your product launches and conferences are? Do you measure the ROI of your training events? Do you ensure that engagement during your event translates into genuine capability and retention in your delegates?

Are you really getting the most from your events?

ThinqiEvents, the digital events platform, lets you do all this and more. Take control of your product launches and conferences with a contemporary digital tool for presenting, assessing, reporting and enabling learning activities.

With ThinqiEvents you can:

  • Engage your delegates pre, during and post event with collaboration and competition
  • Give your presenters easy tools to present and share activities
  • Publish and share all media, documents and materials in one place
  • Track and report on all activity with real-time dashboards

Maximise the ROI from your live training events today with ThinqiEvents – the digital events platform.


Designed to take advantage of familiar user experiences and features found in popular social and media-rich internet applications, the platform will provide the following benefits:

  • Engagement of delegates before event with content and material to generate interest
  • Activities and assessments before the event to establish baseline knowledge of product
  • Trainer support and presentation material easily accessible throughout event
  • Live social media stream projected throughout event lets delegates share thoughts and views
  • Activities, tests and content delivered throughout event to improve engagement
  • Live scoreboard projected throughout event
  • Automatic and manual scoring through activities and manually assigned by trainers
  • Activities, tests and content delivered after event to engage delegates right up to product launch
  • Automated, custom and tailored reports available to trainers and organisers to demonstrate:
    • Attainment – how are the delegates progressing through the material?
    • Retention – what have the delegates learnt?
    • Effectiveness of event – how engaged are the delegates and are they better equipped to sell the product at launch?

The benefits of the platform combine to ensure a more knowledgeable and motivated sales force up the point of product launch and stronger evidence of how effective their training has been.